(c) Andrea Good, ES WARD / ES WIRD, 2011.
(c) Andrea Good, ES WARD / ES WIRD, 2011.


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Capturing time, preserving slowness and making movement appear as a passing breath. AndreaGood or the passing of time made visible. For this project, no conventional camera will do; instead, the photographer has built a camera in situ, a camera obscura.A church, office buildings, a bank, containers, hotel rooms and industrial sites, Andrea Good transforms these spaces into a perforated dark room and brings the original essence of photographyback to life. Walls are covered to produce darkness. A beam of light enters the room from one side and projects an upside-down and reversed image onto the opposing wall, on which photosensitivepaper is hung. Static objects will be captured, while those in motion will not be distinguishable. The sharpness of the image will depend on movement, distance from the opening of the camera obscura,and aperture. Time is not the only essential element in the creative process behind Andrea Good’s photography.In her project on the wire mills of Biel/Bienne, realised specifically for the Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography, she considers economic and urban upheaval. As the municipality has planned to startdemolishing a number of buildings from bygone industries, an era is coming to a close. Andrea Good will document this destruction by transforming the emptied and abandoned offices into oversizeddark rooms. Andrea Good creates her photographs using light, time and space. Although her work is basedon very precise physical calculations, the photographer needs to adapt to specific conditions in the field. Variations in light will determine exposure time; changes in wind direction and in the surroundingfoliage, as well as the amount of movement on the work site itself, will all determine the composition of the final image. Anything that moves too quickly will register as either a fleeting blur,or not at all. www.andreagood.ch

Andrea Good(1968, Zürich) lebt und arbeitet in Zürich. Sie schloss eine Ausbildung zur Fotografin an der Berufsschule Zürich ab.Sie wurde 2011 für den Swiss Photo Award nominiert und nahm an zahlreichen Ausstellungen teil, wie HotSpot Berlinim Georg-Kolbe-Museum in Berlin oder am 30. Jubiläum der Kunstsammlung Julius Bär.

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