(c) David Willen, Das Ende der Sorglosigkeit - Ein Jahresbericht, 2008-2009, Courtesy Galerie Bob Gysin, Zürich.
(c) David Willen, Das Ende der Sorglosigkeit - Ein Jahresbericht, 2008-2009, Courtesy Galerie Bob Gysin, Zürich.

Das Ende der Sorglosigkeit – Ein Jahresbericht, 2008–2009

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For this work, David Willen has turned to a serial and repetitive process. Each morning for one year –except Sundays and holidays – he systematically photographs his first finished cup of coffee. The installation and lighting remain constant while the shot is taken with a 4x5 inches camera and onpolaroid film. Once the photo has developed, it is attached above the day’s headline as it appears in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung newspaper. The 303 pages that compose the series are carefully filedaway in chronological order. Not unlike the conceptual work of artist On Kawara and his series of paintings “Today Series”inaugurated on 4 January 1966 (monochrome canvasses consisting solely of the date on which the painting was done), David Willen situates his series in an artistic tradition that is less frequent inphotography than in the fine arts. But while the work of his Japanese counterpart relates primarily to his own life, the “Das Ende der Sorglosigkeit” series appears less personal and more universal.This meticulous practice undertaken by the photographer derives from a reflection on the various temporalities contained in his series. The association of text and photograph materialises theabstract temporal data and gives rise to new elements. While the headlines in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung refer to the mediatised history of 2008–2009 and highlight certain events such as the economiccrisis, the polaroid, on the other hand, evokes the unique moment the shot was taken. The traces of coffee on the cups cannot escape the secular and divinatory tradition of reading coffeegrounds. After all, is not this series itself also a question of interpretation? www.davidwillen.com

David Willen(1968, Bern) lebt und arbeitet in Zürich. Seit 2004 wird er von der Galerie Bob Gysin in Zürich vertreten. Regelmässige Beiträgein Zeitschriften wie Wallpaper, in dem 2010 eine Serie seiner Architekturaufnahmen gezeigt wurde. Dieses Jahr wurdeDavid Willen für den Swiss Photo Award ewz nominiert.

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