(c) Enrique Muñoz García, Zapping, 2008-2011.
(c) Enrique Muñoz García, Zapping, 2008-2011.

Zapping, 2008–2011

headphoneEnrique Muñoz García

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A genuine work in progress, “Zapping” is the product of three years of work collecting sequencesrecorded using the camera in the artist’s mobile phone. The proposed soundtrack is sourced from a mix of five television channels selected by the photographer.In this work, Enrique Muñoz García explores an intimate moment in the daily lives of each and every person: the time spent frenetically zapping between television channels. To do this, he filmedhimself along with a number of acquaintances living abroad, from Switzerland to Chile and Spain. The intimacy of the sequences is heightened by virtue of the protagonists being naked, allowing theirskin to reflect the colours emitted by the screen. Out of aestheticism and a desire for authenticity, the photographer ruled out the possibility of enhancing the resolution of the sequences. Indeed, theartist’s primary concern is to reveal the magic in reality. According to Enrique Muñoz García, “Zapping” is to be understood as a portrait of a single person, depicted through a multiplicity of individuals.Thus the spectator is perceiving this unique entity in an extremely intimate moment – an intimacy that tends towards the tragic, given the isolation that surrounds him.“Zapping” collates the photographer’s preferred themes: his central interest in the human person, the intimate sphere of this latter, and a desire to conduct an aesthetic enquiry of reality. The themeof time also enters the mix: this work was realised over several years. Similarly, Enrique Muñoz García evokes the time one spends – whether it be won or lost – in front of the television screen. www.zapping-projekt.ch

Enrique Muñoz Garcia(1969, Chile) lebt zurzeit in Biel und widmet sich einerseits der Kunstfotografie und andererseits der Reportage. 2004fand die erste Ausstellung («Marokko») in der Galerie Leica in Nidau statt. 2006 stellte er anlässlich der Bieler Fototageseine Serie «Claude» aus. Zahlreiche seiner Bilder wurden in internationalen Zeitschriften veröffentlicht.

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