(c) f&d cartier, Wait & See, 2011.
(c) f&d cartier, Wait & See, 2011.

Wait and See, 2011


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Behind the title “Wait and See” lies an earlier project entitled “A-venir. Le temps d’être suisse” (1998).This earlier work considered the Swiss Confederation in relation to the passing of time in an evolutional photographic sequence, allowing this artist couple to contest the widespread association ofphotography with still-life painting. The updated performance currently at the Neuhaus Museum (Biel/Bienne) places black andwhite photosensitive paper and light – two fundamentals of the discipline – at the centre of its process. In this return to basics, a gesture which exemplifies the minimalist tendencies of thesephotographers, the elaborate hanging seeks to revive early photographic paper of various qualities by exposing it to the light present in the exhibition rooms. Through a subtle interplay with space,the chromatic transformation of the paper begins: according to its composition and the nature of its contact with light, the flat surfaces develop random colour patterns over time.To perceive the progressive saturation of the paper, the spectator is asked to be patient and to remain still for a few moments in order to observe a latent process, the meaning of which derivesfrom the very act of being seen. Through this audacious project, f&d cartier are able to simply and powerfully create a mechanism that reveals a passing moment, the traces of which remain visible,in abstract nuances, on the exposed media. www.fdcartier.fr.st

f&d cartier(Françoise Cartier (1952, Tavannes) & Daniel Cartier (1950, Bienne)) vivent et travaillent à Bienne. Dès 1995, le couplecosmopolite allie photographie et arts plastiques pour s’orienter vers des pratiques artistiques nouvelles, touchanttantôt aux installations ou à la technique du photogramme, dans une voie minimaliste et abstraite.Présents dans de multiples collections et musées suisses et étrangers, ils ont reçu de prestigieuses distinctions, notammentle prix Michel Jordi de la Photographie (1998) pour « A-venir. Le temps d’être suisse. »

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