(c) Georg Aerni, TV Time, Hong Kong # 1841-1, Tsz Wan Shan, 2000, Eigentum Kanton Zürich.
(c) Georg Aerni, TV Time, Hong Kong # 1841-1, Tsz Wan Shan, 2000, Eigentum Kanton Zürich.
(c) Georg Aerni, TV Time, Hong Kong # 1843-1, Sai Wan Ho, 2000, Eigentum Kanton Zürich.

TV Time, Hong Kong, 1999–2000

headphoneGeorg Aerni

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Sitting before the television, at precisely the same time – watching the same show? Hong Kong,nine o’clock in the evening, December 2000. After noticing sudden changes in the light emanating from apartment blocks during his nightlystrolls in Hong Kong, the photographer Georg Aerni created the “TV Time” series. It shows a sequence of façades illuminated by a multitude of tiny boxes, like recurring patterns. Yet degrees ofdifferentiation appear upon closer examination. Fluorescent tubes producing a bluish light contrast with an orange luminosity emitted from other apartments. Some points of distinction derive fromthe aesthetics as well as from the social status of the inhabitants and the neighbourhood in which they live. These towers endlessly follow the skyline and manifest a precise component of the urbanlandscape, a recurring verticality stretching all the way to the horizon. Hundreds of human presences are inferred without being made visible. The frontal view of these buildings draws us into the apartments,generating an interiority constructed entirely in our imagination. This effect establishes a tension between the spectator as “voyeur” and the spectator as distant observer, detached from thescenes unfolding within. The architecture of the contemporary city confronts Georg Aerni. He reveals here, in part, hisphotographic response to Hong Kong. Through this city, where another wave of accelerated urbanity is occurring within its burgeoning economy, the artist allows us to reflect upon our own ideas ofthe city and to reassess our daily activities in light of the multitude of individuals both within and beyond our immediate surroundings. www.georgaerni.ch

Georg Aerni(1959, Winterthur) lebt und arbeitet als selbstständiger Fotograf in Zürich. 1986 Diplom für Architektur an der EidgenössischenTechnischen Hochschule (ETH) Zürich. In seinen Arbeiten thematisiert er in erster Linie Natur und Architektur, Stadt undLand. U. a. ausgezeichnet mit dem Preis des Aargauer Kuratoriums und des Kunstvereins Winterthur (2007).

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