(c) LimaFotoLibre
(c) LimaFotoLibre
(c) LimaFotoLibre

Haciendo Hora, 2011


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The photography of the Peruvian collective LimaFotoLibre is seductive in its freshness and spontaneity.Formed five years ago, the project came out of an initiative by four friends who wished to document, via their website, the transformations of a city on the move: Lima. As though working ina visual laboratory, the photographers combed the streets of their metropolis with digital cameras in hand, capturing their vision of this polymorphic city. Taking pictures of their daily routes, theyreveal elements that normally escape our notice: imperceptible changes, small anecdotal details concealed by routine, the excitement and chaos that reigns in a big city.Itself a part of this popular culture, the LimaFotoLibre collective not only uses the city as a source of inspiration but also as an exhibition space. It made a name for itself by attaching thousands ofstickers and photocopies of its pictures on public transport, in commercial galleries, in parks and on the streets of the Peruvian capital. By immersing themselves in the city, they stake their claim as apeople’s collective and align themselves with a public that is increasingly engaged in the debates triggered by these pictures.“Haciendo Hora” (Passing the Time) makes reference to several notions of time: anecdotal time, which refers to changes that affect a person or a place on a local level, the time the photographerswait once a series has been created, the time constructed by their visual methodology, and finally the time spent by the spectator viewing the work. www.limafotolibre.com

LimaFotoLibre Huguito, 2010–2011LimaFotoLibre (2006, Lima, Pérou) est un collectif composé de quatre photographes : Oe (1978, Tacna, Pérou), Tunchi(1983, Huánuco, Pérou), Fokus (1980, Lima, Pérou), Petituars (1982, Blois, France). Ses membres s'intéressent à la viequotidienne de la ville. Ils exposent dans l'espace urbain et utilisent les réseaux sociaux virtuels pour faire connaître leursphotographies.

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