(c) Michael Fent, Days have Numbers, 2009,  copyright: Michael Fent/ECAL 2009.
(c) Michael Fent, Days have Numbers, 2009, copyright: Michael Fent/ECAL 2009.
(c) Michael Fent, Days have Numbers, 2009  copyright: Michael Fent/ECAL 2009.

Days have Numbers, 2009

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In the series “Days have Numbers”, Michael Fent explores such themes as the ephemeral and death.The photographer composes portraits of three people and places personal objects alongside them in such a way as to provide an insight into their personal lives, without being too revealing.Peter is a man marked by life. The only document he retains of his past is a photograph of his father, which suggests that he has no family. Forsaken, he is awaiting death. Jonas is a young theologystudent seeking to be ordained into the priesthood; in an essay, he contemplates death. For him, the fundamental question is that of the afterlife: what happens to us after we die? Finally, Matthias.His father died from cancer when he was 15 years old. Four years later, his mother was killed in an accident. In a notebook, Matthias writes in the dates of the birth and death of his parents.Death accompanies us in our daily lives in several forms: in the process of ageing, in the metaphysical dimension of life and as personal tragedy.Photographs of landscapes are introduced to complement the portraits and personal items of each of the subjects. These melancholic pictures, some depicting dead trees on a misty morning,reinforce the dramatic core that lies at the heart of the themes being considered. Creating a forlorn and post-apocalyptic atmosphere, these photographs reflect the complexity of human feelings towardsdeath. In his investigations, Michael Fent oscillates between poetry, abstraction and documentation.He chiefly describes people who, in different ways, have accepted the idea of death and their own deaths, people who aspire to it and see it as a form of liberation, a passage leading to the elevationof the soul, or as a partner in a mortal’s life. Parallel to this, his visions of nature transform a sense of the finiteness of life into poetic lyricism. www.michaelfent.com

Michael Fent(1987, Hosenruck, Thurgau) lebt und arbeitet in Lausanne und Hosenruck. Er besuchte von 2007 bis 2009 die Ecole dephotographie de Vevey (CEPV) und seit 2009 die Haute école d’art et de design de Lausanne (ECAL). Die Arbeit «Days haveNumbers» entstand im Rahmen des Studiums an der ECAL. Michael Fent wurde unter anderem 2010 mit dem vfg Nachwuchsförderpreisausgezeichnet.

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