(c) Raphael Hefti VS Alex Rich, Fakro Scissor Attic Ladder, 2011.
(c) Raphael Hefti VS Alex Rich, Fakro Scissor Attic Ladder, 2011.

This is serious, 2011


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With “climbing into the attic” as an analogy for explorations of new-found worlds,things lost, forgotten, disputes and opposition as to what is to come, we realise it is necessary to also speak of positions and labels.Enjoying how our respective skills as a component of our own individual practice mutate through the expansion of what can be achieved through collaboration.With goals undefined, the glitches, misunderstandings and differences of opinion become the souvenirs to our time spent in search of that indescribablepath. –Curious to find out the original meaning of vs, we came across VS the standard term used for aircraft travelling either at stall speed or minimum steady flightspeed for which the aircraft is still controllable. Both origins of vs seem quite accurate as to the management of our collaboration in many ways.(Raphael Hefti vs Alex Rich) www.thisisserious.net

Raphael Hefti(1978, Biel/Bienne) lives in London. Graduated 2011 MA at the Slade School of Art, London. Uses photography as astarting point to explore his wider curiosity about the history of materials, moments and sites of scientific discovery. Hissolo exhibitions in 2011: LISTE, Basel; “Beginning with the first thing that comes to mind”, Fluxia, Milano; “327 DifferentSounds”, Coalmine Galerie, Winterthur.

Alex Rich(1975, Caerphilly, United Kingdom) lives and works in Penarth, United Kingdom. He is a designer working across disciplines.Studied at Goldsmiths College and Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, London (graduated 1997).His recent solo exhibitions: 2010: “Social Pasta 8”, Permanent, Brighton; “A boat can fit on a ship, but a ship can not fit ona boat”, Permanent, Brighton; 2009: “Empty Words”, Swiss Institute, New York; “Things in the Air”, Museum im Bellpark,Kriens; “Things to Say”, Kunsthalle St. Gallen.

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