(c)Tim Davis, Kings of Cyan, Little Strong Jaw, 2008, Courtesy of Mitterrand+Sanz.
(c)Tim Davis, Kings of Cyan, Little Strong Jaw, 2008, Courtesy of Mitterrand+Sanz.
(c) Tim Davis, Kings of Cyan, Two Faces, 2008, Courtesy of Mitterrand+Sanz.

Kings of Cyan, 2008

headphoneTim Davis

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“Who is the first politician you remember?” This question, raised by the photographer,resonates and recurs throughout the “Kings of Cyan” series. Evoking the emblematic figures of Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, political leaders whoseimages were projected onto the minds of the American people, this series is a genuine exploration of visual political messages over time. Today’s streets areincreasingly full of advertisements and posters of political candidates abound during election campaigns. These portraits register in the minds of passers by but what happens to them next? Time passes and leaves its mark on these posters, ageing the very faces they portray. Magenta and yellow graduallyweather away, leaving only cyan. Tim Davis was surprised to discover here the same faded blue that appears in the atmospheres of Dutch paintings. Fromthe communist to the neo-fascist, the ideas of politicians evaporate faster than the ink on their posters, which continues to preserve, in perfect clarity beneatha bluish patina, their ambitious countenances. Upon these worn, faded and torn surfaces, an inner essence begins to reveal itself in the manner of a ghost. www.davistim.com

Tim Davis(1969, Blantyre, Malawi) lives and works in New York. A graduate in 1991 from Bard College, where he now teachesphotography, he obtained an MFA from Yale University in 2001. A plastic artist and poet, he was awarded the AmericanAcademy’s Rome Prize in 2007.

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